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Danapur Cantt, Dist-Patna

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Welcome Cristopher Public School


If our school is a pen, the parents are the ink; joining together we can write the success story of educational development of our children.

The purpose of education is not just to produce academicians but also to develop humans and sensitive citizens . At Cristopher Public School, Raghurampur chandmari road , Danapur Patna we ensure that a congenial environment for learning is maintained while making sure that children have enough opportunities to develop their personal and inter personal skills.

Our teachers are well qualified and share a passion for teaching and students, we edify our students in classical as well of contemporary models of learning while giving them a solid foundation in cultural insights of the world, we create mutual respect and strive to establish continuous communication between parents, teachers and administration with extra-curricular classes a strong emphasis on communication skills and activities means to faster cultural understanding , the students of our school emerges as educated and responsible citizen of the world.

Prof. Ashok Kumar Singh